Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Better Late Than Never

A current theme in my life:  Late is definitely and absolutely better than Never (you might recall this old blog post.)

This past weekend I got to experience Alice Cooper being beheaded in a guillotine, the Satanic doo-wop sounds of Twin Temple, Behemoth's Blackened death metal, and Danzig.  We drove two hours to Scranton Friday afternoon right after work to see Alice Cooper, where he and Rob Zombie were doing their Freaks on Parade tour.  If you told me back when I was watching him on the Muppet Show as a kid that I would one day see him in person, my young bashful self would probably have silently thought you were bananas.

At 75 years of age, he has the exact same voice and an insane amount of energy.  His set was absolutely incredible and the crowd, and us, ate it up.  He did so many of his classic songs, ending with the greatest version of School's Out that I've ever heard.  We blew out of there before Rob Zombie took stage and headed back where a summer night sky lit up the entire way home with massive flashes of lighting.  

On Saturday, we headed to Atlantic City to the Danzig show.  Twin Temple and Behemoth were amazing opening acts (and polar opposites celebrating a common theme - Satan).  I think my biggest surprise was how much I loved Behemoth.  It's harsher than anything I have ever listened to ... extreme metal.  

I've only recently become familiar with the sound of Danzig, but just when he was singing with the Misfits.  I can't think of a better way to encounter Danzig for the first time - a live concert with a crowd that worshipped him.

Below are some photos and some videos from this wonderful weekend.  

And for anyone curious about Behemoth, here's a video of theirs of a song that was played at the concert.  Definitely my favorite song by them in the set...


Lady M said...

I went crazy for music in my mid life crisis which occurred from the ages of 35-50. It was a long one. I lost a lot of hearing but saw an amazing line up of bands.

Rot said...


Raven176 said...

Back in '81, I saw Alice at a club (think disco, it was the era) on LI
called 2001. This guy who a few years back was doing arena shows was
playing clubs. I will always respect him because he didn't mail it in.
And he could have and I wouldn't have blamed him. Full set. Full effort.
All these years later and he's still kicking butt. Gotta love it.

Scarecrow Atelier said...

That's what I call a brilliant concert weekend. I'm immediately jealous. Alice Cooper live. Fantastic. And when it comes to metal and rock, it's my turn straight away anyway. This music connects entire continents. I met so many great people at metal concerts. From so many countries. And it didn't matter what language or faith you had. Our love for music made us friends. That's the magic.

MR. Macabre said...

I'm a black metal fan, and I 'frickn love BEHEMOTH. One of my top 5 bands of all time, they always put on an awesome live show.
Glenn Danzig sounds like an evil Elvis impersonator, and their music isn't even that heavy. Not a fan.