Friday, September 8, 2023

The Elbridge Haunt

With a body length of a little over a foot long, Megarachne was a very large spider with large fangs. Its body alone (minus the legs) was the size of a human head, making Megarachne the largest known spider that has ever existed, larger in size and mass compared to the modern Goliath bird-eating spider and longer in leg span compared to the Giant huntsman spider. Additionally, despite being a large spider, Megarachne was very fast and agile, able to move at speeds of around 10 mph (16 km/h) and leap a relative distance of around 32 ft, similar to jumping spiders. And despite the design of its eyes, Megarachne possessed excellent sharp eyesight, having a full 360 view of its environment.

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Scarecrow Atelier said...

Beautiful giant spider. My experience with such an attraction is that all other things like scarecrows are almost forgotten when they see the eight-legged creature. The spider always triggers disgust and yet fascination in people. Every year I make up my mind to leave the damn thing in the attic. And every year, shortly before Halloween, I get inquiries about whether the spider will be put up again. God sometimes I hate that damn spider.Haha

Rot said...