Friday, September 22, 2023

Weekend Plans: Nitro Sweet Potato Ale

Boy, is this stuff good.  Made in Bucks County, PA and distributed locally by the Vault Brewing Company.  Was expecting the usual over-the-top sweet spice taste of autumn ales and beers and got something that was really reserved and extremely smooth and creamy.  The flavors of molasses, vanilla, and spices are definitely there, but not in a sweet way.  No clue how that is achieved.  Usually, holiday ales are great as a solo treat, or as a dessert beverage, but we had these during a dinner at the Vault Brewing Company restaurant and it paired perfectly with some pastrami sliders and wood-fired duck & apple pizza.


BMan said...

Sounds amazing. I’m not able drink all the amazing beverages you post about, but it makes me happy to know they’re out there and being enjoyed none the less!

Rot said...

You’re there in spirit. ; )