Thursday, September 14, 2023


We saw this John Carpenter gem last night on the big screen.  Only a handful of people in the theater for this two-night-only release by Fathom Events.  That's not a complaint, but it does make me wonder what kind of earnings are enjoyed by these releases.  

I always wanted to watch Moochie get his due on the big screen, and it was glorious.  And seeing Christine pull out of that garage fully ablaze was breathtaking.  It's easy to forget these things were made for the big screen, so here's hoping Fantom goes through the Carpenter lineup, as it's an odd fact that I haven't seen any Carpenter films in an actual theater during their original release.  Would it have killed my mom to take us to see THE THING?

Some photos from a fun night at the movies...


MR. Macabre said...

That's awesome, I wish we had a local theater that would show older horror movies like this. I'd love to see the Roger Corman/Vincent Price E.A. Poe movies from the 60's in a theater. That would be cool.

Revenant Manor said...

Looks like a blast!

There is certainly a lot to love (especially technically!) about the Moochie death scene, but peak schadenfreude for me is eternally reserved for Buddy and his encounter with that glorious fiery Fury.

I was completely unaware, but Fathom evidently did 'The Thing' last year as part of the 40th anniversary celebration...I missed it in the theaters way back in the day, and it would have been tremendous to see it in that environment now.

Rot said...

Definitely need to see THE THING on the big screen... and Prince of Darkness....and Halloween... Saw THE FOG a long time ago but it was in a world of hurt.. blacks were browns and it was super fuzzy on the screen... I need to see that one crystal clear and enormous.