Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Castle Monster

The art (and film reviews) of Steve Ring.

I'm a huge fan of the film SPIDER BABY, so it was great to see this piece.


bean said...

wow...i'm gonna have to spend some time exploring his website. there's tons of great stuff there. he's got a review of "Lemora: A Child's Tale Of The Supernatural." very cool. hours of reading :)

Rot said...

we'll netflix some of those : )

Steve Ring said...

Oh wow. I'm speechless. I'm unworthy! But thanks just the same. I can't read my old reviews because they make me cringe, except the 2-3 that I invested some time into. I can sculpt, too. I might be a better sculptor than drawer but drawing is so much quicker and I find sculpting mediums to be so frustrating. I might have to pick up a vat of Elmers and see what I can do with the textile-glue sculptures. But I have a long way to go to compare with you. And I love your blog. I think about Halloween every day of the year and you're one of the few people I've encountered that can probably relate.

Rot said...

A pleasure, man.
Those two thumbnails look like photographs!

Totally worthy : )

Steve Ring said...

Jack Hill, the director of Spider Baby, had some kind words for the Elizabeth piece on my blog. I promised to make a whole series of Spider Baby portraits but so far I'm a dirty liar on that point. I'd like to make oil portraits that I could exhibit somewhere. I've mostly been polishing up my drawing skills in preparation, trying to train myself to draw Manga and weeping over my financial situation.

Anyway, thanks again. Do you have a banner ad that I can link you with?

Rot said...

Just read the comments. WOW. That's pretty cool, man.


The only thing I have by way of banners are the little cheapy things I made a while back at the bottom of my DUMPING GROUNDS page on my site. I have a feeling you could make a pretty cool one : )

Steve Ring said...

Well, I think those banners are top-flight. Ty

Anonymous said...

these are really great