Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mini Appleseed

A new Johnny Appleseed doorhanger built for a customer.
Some skull and pumpkin-headed doorhangers will be going on the shop this weekend.


Brandi McKenna said...

amazing amazing! I love it.

Sara said...

Saw on Etsy that it is reserved.

*sad face* I know, I know, I shoulda been quicker. I figured you priced all your props the same and I didn't even bother looking 'til today.

Don't MAKE me go to Walgreens for my doorhangers this year, Rot. ;)

Rot said...

Hey Sara,
I can always make one for you and reserve it on the shop.

I'd shoot you photos first to make sure you still wanted it, since they're all slightly different.

Sara said...

How does that work? Are there comission fees(which would be understandable)?

Will you be making any more Scarecrow hangers this summer? If yes, then maybe I should wait til then. Or, are these specifically something you do when people request? And heck, if you take requests, are there limits to what you'll make? Or is my pocketbook the limit? :D

Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions!

Rot said...

I'm going to make a bunch more of the Appleseed doorhangers for the shop, so they'll be available in a week or so.

Same price as the one that's up on the shop now. No commission : )

Sara said...

GREAT! I'll wait til then! :D And thanks for pricing them right, ya know, for us po' folk. :)

Rot said...

: )

RebelShade said...

That is really awsome. Could you make one for me too? I will pay you in advance, I totally trust it will come out amazing. Everything you do just blows me away. Can I just put the one on the shop in a shopping basket? I know it's reseved but that way I could pay you. Thanks :)

Rot said...

Just shoot me an email at the address requesting an Appleseed Doorhanger and I'll put you on a list and email you when it's finished.

The way Etsy is set up, if you click on PURCHASE it'll screw things up a bit for the buyer (and for us).

Unfortunately at this time we only accept paypal, so keep that in mind.

Thanks so much,

SaraHaase said...

Found your blog today and CANNOT stop hitting the "Older Posts" button. AHHHH everything up here is beautiful and my favorite and I want to live in its essence.