Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Michael's Update

Just placed a shameful call to Michael's and asked if they had any foam pumpkins out. She said "Yes we do!" And I shamefully responded with "Now, you mean the ones that you can carve and not those glittery small ones, right?" She replied "Yep!"
I shamefully thanked her and hung up.

I'll take a drive after work and check it out.

When foam pumpkins dream.

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I'm waiting for these to arrive too. I went yesterday but all they had were fall garlands and glitter gourds. I hope they have plenty of the white flatter pumpkins this year, maybe they will finally make those in orange.

RebelShade said...

All they have here is the garland too. They said they have a few of the smaller funkins in but the larger ones come in on a shipment Monday or Wednesday. No foam skulls either :(

woofboy111 said...

Kind of scary. It's not even July yet and Michael's is already stocking Halloween.

Rot said...

I checked it out and there were some smaller foam pumpkins, but not the larger ones just yet. They were clearing the shelves nearby.

The Captain said...


They should have them soon, the had some at the Michael's near me.

JHMDF said...

We went down today and bought 2 of the 3 funkins they had. Now I just need about 4 more hehe.