Monday, June 15, 2009

Dark [Clove] Candles

Just placed my order for the strongest candles around. Usually I mix a few favorite scents for my haunt, but this year it's going to be just one dark sickly sweet scent - clove.

I love Dark Candles. I've done so many blog posts about them, I guess they're the official candle company for my yard haunt.

(They're in there.)


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Yes, that is one of my favorite candle companies too. Have not tried the Dark Clove - will definately add it to my next order.


Nev said...

How good are they? Ive wanted to try them for a while now.
They potent? Potent enough to make the house smell good all night? The front porch??

Jon Glassett said...

So great when they start to cook the lid of the jack o'lantern. The smell is amazing.

Rot said...

VERY potent. The entire floor of the house will smell of clove from ONE tea light. On Halloween night last year, people asked where the scent was coming from.
Strong stuff.

MorbidMariah said...

I LOVE Dark Candles. And I too love the clove scent, HOWEVER, I cannot burn them indoors because it makes my eyes STING like fire! Outside is perfect. Very strong!