Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pumpkin Head

Back when I was 17, with the help of a paper mache pumpkin, orange makeup, and hot knox gelatin to seal the seam, I dressed as a pumpkin-headed scarecrow to hand out candy on Halloween night. It was inspired by Jonathan Winters' pumpkin head on that famous Disney special. I made the face hole too low and the neck hole too far back and had to stuff the empty space between the back of my head and the back of the pumpkin with towels to keep the pumpkin pushed tightly against my face. Two giant beach towels. Imagine sitting with your head in a vulture position with a few pounds of towel behind your head. For five hours. Handing out candy to kids who kept asking "Where's Michael Myers?" (my usual costume for handing out candy).

I pretty much looked like Jonathan Winters below. I was in pain and miserable.

Image source: My Monster Memories blog.

One of these days I'll be brave enough to post those photos. I look completely hateful in every shot due to the pain.

"Where's Michael Myers?"
"He's dead. Shut up."


Andrea said...

Post them, post them!

ShellHawk said...

1) Must see the pics.
2)Love the imaginary convo. Would have loved to see that one live!

Aron said...

The description makes them a must see! I'll watch your blog with anticipation. Could have been worse - I was Pee Wee one year. Truly horrifying!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Really, that is, I think crazy is the word I am looking for :D I like that in a person. :)

Amazing idea, I remember that show...after hearing your story I am glad I was not inspired to try that idea myself. :)

I please.


Shotgun_Mario said...

I feel your pain. Once I went trick or treating with a bunch of friends, with a pumpkin on my head, in something that looked fairly similar to Jamie Wyeth's self portrait-- only I had a black suit coat, rather than a wool button-up. We ended up running around the neighborhood all night. It was really hard to run around with the thing on, as it would turn and spin on my head, and I'd loose sight of the triangle eyes and would start to trip. The cold, slimy inside was quite the experience as well, not to mention 10 pounds of pumpkin bouncing around, making my 13-year-old body extremely top heavy.

After about 3 hours of this, I tossed the pumpkin into the middle of the street, relieved of all of the pressure and strain.

My neck hurt for about 2 weeks after that night, but it was so worth it. I might have some pictures somewhere that my parents took...

either way, I looked extremely close to this, but a pumpkin that covered my entire head:

bean said...

poor sweetie. :(
it's amazing you didn't do permanent damage to your neck.

btw, i have the actual photo of you in that get up and i will be blackmailing you. ;)

Jon said...

These stories always kill me, man. So damn funny.

The Gill-Man said...

POST 'EM, BEAN!!! Gotta see those!!!