Saturday, November 27, 2021

Now Playing: Ethereal

By Xerxes the Dark.

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Undeadpumpkinbread said...

I feel like this should be categorized as, Dark New Age. It starts off with notes meant for horror movie tension, and then flows into waves of relaxation. But, still dark haha. I love this kind of stuff. Gives me goosebumps.

Rot said...

Definitely agree. The Dark Ambient genre has really changed over the years.
The stuff I listen to now is less "noisy" and less harsh, yet is still considered Dark Ambient. The CryoChamber label has mostly this latter version of Dark Ambient... The Dark New Age stuff.

Sadly, the GIANTS of the old days aren't really putting out beautiful Dark stuff like they did in the 90s and early 2000s.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

It does seem to have chilled out some. I like the noisy stuff as well.

What are some of your “old school” favorites? I’d like to hear them, see if I either know any, or have new music for my playlists.

Rot said...

the first ones that came to mind:

Rot said...

Couple more:

and my personal favorite ( asked for it).. a sixteen minute track by Raison D'Etre...

That's another thing that has changed. Dark Ambient used to have very long tracks, but now in the age of stuff like spotify or pandora, it's more profitable for tracks to be shorter... more clicks.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Those were all awesome. And don’t worry about the longer tracks, because I am here for it, haha! And I agree, I’ve noticed with newer stuff that it ends way too soon. Don’t hesitate to share any others, as you think of them. :)
Do you ever listen to Burzum, he has one I especially love, that is like 25 minutes long. What about, Attrition?

Rot said...

I never heard of those two projects and will go seeking now to check them out.
Feel free to post some recommendations so I don't find stuff that isn't their best. Lord knows Raison D'Etre, as amazing as he is, has some stuff I just can't listen to.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

I am sure I’ve probably heard his stuff before, because the name is familiar, but it was probably in my travels through Pandora, and I can’t remember and specific titles. I really like his though, so I’ll definitely do some more exploring.

I guess I’ll start with a few from Attrition. I by no means have heard everything single thing these artists have done, but of the ones that I’ve heard, I’ll share my favorites. At least the ones I remember for now, haha.

The Trial-

This is the first thing I’d ever heard from them.


It took me way longer than I expected to find this, because I was drawing a blank on the title. I ended up looking through my thumbed up songs on Pandora...nearly all 5675 of them. I feel like I have aged 50 years. On the plus side, I was reminded of other songs to share.


The album cover on this one is NSFW, haha.

Acid Tongue-

This one is a lot more, Cyber, while the others to me are more “classical”. I really enjoy creepy sounding violins.

I’ll let you get through those, while I put together the Burzum batch.

Rot said...

great! I really appreciate that and was holding off digging until you commented with links. haha. sorry about the aging! I appreciate the effort though.

Gonna listen now.

Rot said...

Hey, ALL of these were fantastic and like stuff I'd listen to normally.
Adante was wonderful and I wanted it to be longer.

Acid Tongue will be something I listen to a TON for the rest of my days. That is truly AMAZING stuff.

And get this: I was looking at the albums on their bandcamp page and saw SILENT NIGHT to the side, so I clicked on it... one of the first Dark Ambient purchases I ever made was a Christmas album called A DARK NOEL...and a favorite track from that album was SILENT NIGHT, by THIS GROUP. INSANE. Owned it all of these years and never looked into who the group/project was behind the song. Just figured it was a one-and-done. If you don't already own A Dark Noel, here's the link:

Thanks again for digging up those links!

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Excellent! This makes me so happy! I have SUPER eclectic tastes, and I listen to some kind of music, everyday, as much as possible. I don’t know anyone else that listens to/enjoys this kind of music, so I love that I can share it.

That is so cool! I have been trying to find good, “Dark Christmas” music, so I will definitely check out, A Dark Noel.

How about some, Burzum?

He’s a Norwegian black metal musician, that started doing stuff solo, and turned to more of a synth/dark ambient style. Also, after reading his mini bio on Pandora today, he went to prison for killing an ex band mate, continued to make music while there, and then got out earlier than sentenced. So...that’s, cool, I guess...haha. I think sometimes, less may actually be more, when it comes to finding out about things you’re interested in.

These aren’t going to be in order by favorites or anything, but I will specify which ones I enjoy the most.


Tuistos Herz-

The Ways of Yore-

Channeling the Power of Souls into A New God-

Emptiness- (A favorite)


(Another favorite. I love listening to this alone, in otherwise silence. Gives me chills the whole time.)

Rundgang um die transzendentale Säule der Singularität- (yes, I copy/pasted that, haha)

(This would be the one I mentioned before. Absolutely love this one. Reminds me of something from, Silent Hill. Also, it’s 25 mins 11 secs long, haha. I listen to it often, but I really like it when I go to bed.)

Those are my top picks. I’m sure there are other greats, that I haven’t heard yet.

I have some other artists in mind to send you, but once again, I’ll let you get through these. And feel free to send me anything else that comes to mind, in the meantime. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this exact type stuff, just anything you enjoy, and want to share.

Rot said...

Huge thanks again.
I will definitely go through these and post back my thoughts.
I really appreciate the time.

Rot said...

and regarding the murder! ugh haha
"Love the Art, Not the Artist"

Rot said...

And probably the greatest avatar ever:

Rot said...

Wow. I love this guy's sound. It's almost as though Tangerine Dream started writing Dark-ish Ambient. Rundgang um die transzendentale Säule der Singularität (copy/pasted/haha) is really beautiful. Love the slow build of this one. Definitely reminds me of Silent Hill if it had to go into a bucket, but it's definitely its own thing. Like something you'd find on a radio station at 3am.

Channeling the Power of Souls into A New God was neat and reminded me of older stuff by Raison D'Etre, so that's cool (though I hate comparisons like that). As this stuff is definitely its own thing.

Absolutely LOVED Emptiness and Tuistos Herz.

Again, I really appreciate these links. Never heard this stuff before, but it's right up my alley and it's stuff I'd definitely listen to.

But Rundgang um die transzendentale Säule der Singularität (copy/pasted) is my fave. It's insane.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

You’re welcome! But really, I’m having fun making these little playlists.

Right? Haha.

Hahaha! Love it! He looks like the typical misunderstood, edgy 17 year old, that is hailing Satan with his friends, just before he gets into his mom’s minivan, after school.

Oh. My. GOD! I was already thinking about doing some Tangerine Dream! I played my Legend soundtrack to death, and had to get another one, off eBay, because they are out of print.

When I was listening to Raison D’Etre, it reminded me of Burzum, so I thought you might like it.

Rundgang um die transzendentale Säule der Singularität (always copy/pasted) really is its own thing. It is so calming, and peaceful, that I hardly notice how long it is. When it ends, it’s like being snapped back to reality, from a dream.

Rot said...

That is a GREAT way of describing how that song ends. I actually wanted it to be longer.

And that’s funny about LEGEND. My old cassette was chewed up from where the coolest track on the album would start. From all the rewinding and hitting play over and over again.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Yes! If I am enjoying something, I don’t care how long it is. Movies too, like Lord of the Rings. I was Tolkien obsessed from a very young age, long before Peter Jackson came along, so I was already excited for them. But, they surpassed what I could have imagined, and I was left craving more, at the end of each installment. Then the extended editions came out, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. They are the only versions I can watch now, because the theatrical releases feel incomplete. And what always just floored me was hearing people talk about how they were too long as it is, and didn’t need the added footage. Uh, well you can just enjoy your stay in Hell then. I don’t understand people losing interest in a movie if it goes over 90 mins.

Haha! I love the entire soundtrack, but I think the best parts start at, Blue Room, and then The Dance is my favorite, and Darkness is amazing, especially when the strong beats start.
I have the special edition DVDs, so there is the US release, and then the UK, which Ridley Scott prefers. There are added scenes, and it has classical music. I love classical, but, not in this case. I have only seen it once, when I was in high school, and it just ruined it for me. A huge part of why this movie is so magical, is Tangerine Dream.

Rot said...

Ugh. Didn't know that about the classical music and I know LEGEND would not have been what it is to me today had it not had Tangerine Dream's score (Probably wouldn't have even been close).

And I agree about long movies or long music, just as long as it's not a long-ass Marvel movie as do we really want those? haha

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Exactly! I love that movie, and my favorite character is the music.

I forgot to tell something amusing that happened to me recently, while wearing my, Meg Mucklebones shirt. I ran up to the little gas station/country store by my house, and there is an elderly lady, that tints her hair. She eats dinner there most nights I think, as I see her car, with bible scriptures on it, outside repeatedly. Anyway, I went in, and while at the register, she is staring at me from the dining area. She minds me of the Witch of the Waste, from Howl’s Moving Castle, after she gets all droopy. She then says in a very derisive tone, “THAT’S a very CHEERY shirt...” I was taken by surprise for a few seconds, and then started stumbling over my words trying to explain what it was. But, I’m pretty sure all she heard me say was, “I worship Satan”. After that, she scowled at me even more, when I would see her. 🙄

Hahaha! Well, I’m actually a fan of some Marvel, but they have really started to suck with the directions they’ve been going, so yeah, we don’t need those.

Rot said...

UGH. I was thinking she was going to recognize Meg and compliment your attire...but nope.
You definitely worship Satan. haha

Very similar to my meeting with Bruce Campbell, btw. haha

(and I just googled your reference to Howl's Moving Castle)

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Hahaha! I never get those interactions.

I worship him so hard. Haha!

With all of these little Bruce story teases, I can’t wait to read the whole thing someday.

Awesome. Ok, so picture her as the old lady, with the droopy face rolls, but then also pink or purple tinted hair sticking straight up like Heat Miser, and dark Tammy Faye Bakker eye makeup, scowling at me, because I’M the evil one.

Rot said...

one of these days...the bruce story will be posted. haha

i pictured her perfectly from that description.

Rot said...

currently playing:

Undeadpumpkinbread said...


Cool! I’m typically all for remixes. This was great. I’ve already had the original stuck on repeat, in my head, since yesterday. Probably not going away anytime soon, haha.