Monday, November 22, 2021

Now Playing: Hallway Madness

Evil dies tonight.

Click below to see a funny scene from Halloween Kills.  I wonder if that mime is actually shouting "Evil Dies Tonight!" or maybe he's just silently acting it out.

This track is my favorite from the Halloween Kills soundtrack.  It's way too short though.  And I have no memory of hearing it in the actual film, as I think it would have made this scene less funny to me.

Click below for the track..


Sara said...

That. Fucking. Mime!!!!!! I lliterally hated this scene. I literally did not see that mime the first time around and I literally am
not clicking on that score. Hahaha. Sorry not sorry. Ugh. I shall never watch another new Halloween movie again (until Halloween Ends).

Rot said...

Haha. you HATE him! He's so quiet though.

And same about HALLOWEEN ENDS.

I won't even watch it once (probably twice).

Mike C(JASONV123) said...

Haha!! He's chanting!!!

Rot said...

He's so quietly angry.

Sara said...

I don’t think I’ve ever hated a Halloween costume more in my life than this mime in this scene. I don’t think I’ve hate a Halloween movie more in my life than this one until I don’t watch Halloween Ends.

He may be quiet but he’s visually loud. Haha.

Rot said...

This movie has ruined you, apparently!

Well, I like to judge a mime by the cleanliness of his white gloves.

This guy ain't wearing no gloves, Sara.

Sara said...

He certainly isn’t! Lol

Wonder who’s relative they drug in to play him last minute.

Also did you spot a cat lady? Just some broad wearing cat ears.

Rot said...

Haha. Oh i saw the cat lady.
Imagine being on a murderous revenge rampage and forgetting to wipe off your makeup or pluck off your cat ears.

Rot said...

And, of course, the IRON LADY from Halloween Kills.

How insulting to women... Men bring bats and guns to a Michael Myers ass-whooping, but women bring irons and baking sheets (assumption).

Sara said...

I just hate more than anything that they ordered two people in this massive scene to wear a costume because it was a Halloween movie. Just dumb.

Rot said...

Agreed. The Halloween Holiday aspect felt super forced in this one.
Hate to bring it up again, but the only one that felt naturally-Halloween-Holiday to me was Halloween IV.

And the beginning of Halloween II.

Sara said...

I totally forgot about her and the stranger part is that she’s wearing like...going out clothes. She’s not wearing domestic looking garb. Where the fuuuuck did she get this iron Rot?!!! Wheeeerrrrrrrrreeeee?!?!?

Rot said...


She loves denim!

And ironing, apparently.

Rot said...

I love that even in THIS moment it exposes this movie was so poorly planned.
Like you're right about her getup... it clashes with her weapon of choice.

Though this broad should probably just be holding a beer bottle... she'd sip it empty first before banging Myers over the head with it.

Sara said...

Exactly!! A beer bottle would make more sense!

Ugh. I can’t wait for Halloween Ends. Lol!!

Rot said...


Wonder where they'll take the next movie.
You'll have to let me know.