Sunday, November 28, 2021

Now Playing: The Beauty Of Miserable Souls

By Letum.

Click below...


Undeadpumpkinbread said...

That was beautiful. Speaking of Tangerine Dream....this was like a gothic piece being sung in an old cathedral, overlaying a fantasy track at the heart of it. I could almost hear the whale song in the distance, haha.

Rot said...

Great assessment.
Letum was a project I discovered in the early 2000s and was surprised to see he released an album in August of this year. This was from that album, and I was really pleased as the sound of the early days is definitely in these tracks...

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

That’s so cool. I love when there is new material from my younger days, discoveries.

I’m going to pick up where I left off, with the music shares in this thread, since the other one was getting a bit lengthy.

This guy goes by, Gesaffelstein. Noisier stuff.

Hate or Glory- (Could only find the remix on Bandcamp) (First thing I heard from him, instalove)


Viol- (A favorite)


Opr- (Love this one)

Hope you enjoy!

Rot said...

Very cool. Will check these out shortly. I appreciate it!

Rot said...

Gesaffelstein is a god to me now.
Pursuit (song AND video) is utterly insane and I watched the video five times in a row.
It's amazing. And it's unreal to me that I never came across anything like this before. SO I really appreciate the links.

I loved ALL of these songs. Hate or Glory is incredible. As is Opr.
Obsession from the same album is incredible too. And Perfection is like a track from an old Italian horror film.

When you said 'noisier stuff' i was worried it would be too harsh, but nope.

Huge thanks.

Rot said...

Huge fan of The Shamen, and it's almost a crime to mention them after Gesaffelstein, but there's something similar in their music (maybe) I figured I would post two of their older tracks below...

and a more "recent" one.. released in 1990 (haha)

And now that i listen, it's nothing like Gesaffelstein.
But it's still gold, in my opinion.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Hahaha! So in other words, you didn’t hate it...excellent! Seriously, anyone else that has heard this music, while I am listening to it, asks if there is something wrong with my phone/computer. True story. I was listening to, Voodoo and Serano – Blood Is Pumping, years ago on the computer, and my mom came in to see what was going on, because she thought the computer was about to self destruct, or something, haha!

It is! Definitely a favorite. He’s somewhat new to me as well, maybe a couple years I think? Discovered him through another artist’s station. Cabaret Nocturne. They’ll probably be next on the list, haha.

I’m so glad you listened to, Obsession! I was playing it in the car, thinking about how I “missed one”, and was going to send it to you, despite pestering you so much already, haha.

I actually hadn’t heard, Perfection yet. You’re right, it does! It is so different from all the others. When it got to about the 2 min mark, I was like, “ok, THERE it is.” Haha.

I’m curious, what you consider too harsh? But, I’ll admit, I was worried about that myself. So glad it turned out positively.

Awesome! My turn! Haha. I will get those listened to, and let you know.

Rot said...

I'm thinking too harsh for me is anything like Death Metal.
I can appreciate it, but I have never found any that I could even remotely enjoy.
And anything with obviously strange lyrics sung by someone who should absolutely not be singing. And anything that is more noise than music. A lot of Raison D'Etre's stuff turned into noise ambient.

And I can totally relate to that story of your mom. My dad once thought the brakes were going in my car when i made the huge mistake of playing some dark ambient while i drove him somewhere. Then a coworker years ago heard something i was playing super quiet at work and declared 'Is that a VACUUM CLEANER!?!?!" haha

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Shamen was great! Hyperreal Orbit has that classic early 90s, House sound. Lightspan was my favorite! For sure playing that one often. And then Make It Mine, also had the classic sound, and the vocals reminded me of, 2 Unlimited. Thanks so much for sharing these!

My brain is getting overloaded with a flood of different tracks I want you to hear, haha.

Meh. I can listen to it, if it is playing somewhere I’m at, but I really don’t see the appeal, of guttural, Screamo. I certainly don’t seek it out. I on occasion have listened to, Gwar in my youth. But, probably out of fascination, at their extremity.

Hahaha! That is hysterical. The situation only ever gets worse, when you explain to people that there is not some kind of electronic malfunction, but that it is your preferred listening material. My mom very recently told me that she wished that she had gotten me a psychiatric evaluation when I was younger, to see if there was anything we could’ve done before I got this bad. I was listening to Attrition. She was joking of course, probably. Haha.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

I left out a little story about the metal music. Back when my sister and I were working a haunt, Thrillvania, she dated one of the guys there, for about five seconds (thankfully) and he was in a metal band with some of the other guys at the haunt. So we had to go to gigs, and pretend like they didn’t suck. They were called, Postpone the Nightmare. Awful.

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

Cabaret Nocturne. It all started with a video clip on FB. Only 10 seconds, on a loop. A girl dancing with plastic skeletons, red lighting, vintage video filter. I knew after only those 10 seconds that I needed to find this song. It actually took longer than expected, because the answer was not in the comments. I had to do some sleuthing around, but I finally found it. I don’t even know how many times I have listened to this song. It reminds me of, a chase montage, in an 80s vampire movie.

Blind Trust-

(I can imagine dancing to this, in a goth nightclub, called something like, The Tomb, wearing exclusively black clothing, and too much eye makeup)

They have many other, in my opinion, excellent tracks.

Blood Walk-

Green Karma-

Occult Spells-

Dance or Die-

Dark Pop-

Western Ghost-

Rot said...

you have funny stories.
I appreciate all of these links and will definitely check them out over the course of the day and let you know!

"postpone the nightmare"...hilarious.

And Gwar! haha I started listening to them a little when Brockie was on the series Holliston. And I can't say I hated it. And some of my work was featured on an album from Charred Walls of the Damned, so I listened to that for a while and it grew on me:

Rot said...

Putting it mildly, I'm a huge Cabaret Nocturne fan now.
Dark Pop and Blood Walk are my personal faves, but they are ALL terrific.

Looking up their other stuff on spotify now.

Dark Pop has been on loop for a while now. haha

Rot said...

and Blind Trust. love that one.

Rot said...

here's an old favorite:

Undeadpumpkinbread said...

That is pretty awesome about the album cover! I haven’t listened to them in years...I may enjoy them more than I remember, haha.

Cool! There are no doubt many other excellent tracks waiting to be discovered.

Thanks for the link! Lift was great. I really enjoyed it! I miss the 90s so bad. It definitely has that typical trance sound to it, of the time, something that you can just kind of zone out to.

Rot said...

Same about the 90s. Lots of driving in the car wearing out cassettes back then.