Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flying Cars = Cool

Wow. The Fifth Element was made in 1997.
LOVE this film.

Click below:

And from the Total Recall remake (which was actually rather good).


Willow Cove said...

Agreed. I need a flying car so bad.
I'd fly up to a floating sushi bar..

bean said...

The Fifth Element was the first DVD I ever bought.

Wikkedmoon said...

LOVED The Fifth Element. It was a good movie and I watch it whenever it's on TV.

girl6 said...

Ahhhh Yes, "the fifth element" is as Wonderful as it is also Romantic!!.
Luc Besson, seems to Understand Crazy Romantic Comedies, just look at his "subway", that movie is PERFECT...siiigh

hmmmmm...make it's a European thing, like "amelie".
just Dreamy.<333333

Dave Lowe said...

Flying cars = Cool
Jet packs = Double cool
High collared capes in fashion = Triple cool
Ray guns = Cool x infinity

Rot said...


ScottT said...

The 'Total Recall' remake was HORRENDOUS!!!

girl6 said...

not huh, the only possible problems with the Total Recall remake are:
1..Jessica Biel & Kate Beckinsale are NO match for Rachel Ticotin & or Sharon Stone.

2..Colin Farrell delivers a FAR more coherent performance than "mush mouth" Arnold did, therefore, when Colin delivers the infamous line of "if i am not me, then who the hell am i?", it is NO where near as Hysterical as when the buffoon, originally said it.

: D

girl6 said...

ohhhhhh & i just want to clarify:

i DO love Arnold.

Jessica Biel is Very lovely & totally kicks some BIG bootie in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. she is an athletic dynamo in that film.

& Kate Beckinsale used to be in such Wonderful films such as Emma, & especially Cold Comfort Farm, which is soooo Wonderful..i miss those days.

Rot said...

Same page, girl6.
I really dug the remake...and i admire the believable universe they created.