Friday, April 25, 2014

Mr. Jones On iTunes

We just downloaded it.
Going to be nuts to watch this again.
Can't believe it's been a whole year since we saw it at Tribeca.

Click below for the iTunes page:
Or click here for's Instant Play.


ShellHawk said...

That, my friend, is thrilling, in the truest sense of the word!

Congratulations, again, for having your hard work recognized and included in film!

Rot said...

It's pretty cool.

Jay's Shadow said...

Damn, Mr. Jones is getting around now. REALLY awesome. I can't wait till I get my Blu-ray.

Soon all will know the name PumpkinRot......and they will bow down to him.

And sacrifice animals on the alter.......

Gourdin Fester said...

I'm trying to work on something and watch it but my project isn't getting done because I don't want to take my eyes off of it and miss something. Project is put away- Truly awesome to see something of yours in a different way.

Rot said...

Thanks : )
A strange experience to see them on the screen.
And to see how they were used.
I'm really thrilled at the work the production crew did...I worked with them over the phone and through emails on how to construct a few crows of their own...and they did a lot of embellishing with mine - adding bones and wind-catcher thingies. So it was a neat experience working with a bunch of folks all trying to match my organic style. Really dig the final product.

Mark Faucett said...

Yes! Know what I'm doing tonight!

Phillip said...

Did they get the whole idea of a reclusive artist who builds scarecrows from your life? I mean, did they do that on purpose and then track you down to use you as the builder? Maybe you mentioned that already.

Rot said...

The writer/director Karl Mueller talks about where the idea came from here:

I just happened to have a lot in common with the builder : )

Mark Faucett said...

Watched Mr. Jones tonight! Might do a little blog entry on my opinion of the movie, I want to watch it again.
Here' s my immediate reaction... Your scarecrows are freak'n creepy...disturbingly creepy! " I never want to see your yard haunt in person" creepy! That being said.. They were the stars of the movie! Excellent job Rot! They looked beautiful in the movie, creepy as hell, but beautiful!

Rot said...

Thanks, man.
: )
Awesome that you watched it.

girl6 said...

Oh & Carl wants me to tell you, we STILL have it on Preorder too!!!



SO glad that you got a full screen credit at the end, and so cool that you used "Pumpkinrot" and not your real name.

ShellHawk said...

@ Spookshows
Of COURSE, he didn't use his real name! At this point, it would be as bad as KISS with their makeup off! :D

I still speculate on what Rot looks like...

girl6 said...

Ohhhhh rot..i Really Really Loved the movie!!!. it had such a (especially Lost Highway) Lynchian vibe & i Super dug the Spike Lee cam too, Big Time, such a great choice for the storytelling of this film, i thought..Perfect.

OMG & it was soooo Surreal to see your kids, they looked so Ancient & Beautiful. they were PERFECTLY cast in their otherworldly roles..<3333333333

i wasn't disappointed with the ending at all, it felt Right to me.. i'm looking forward to watching it again & Owning an actual bluray copy. :)

Oh & i think the scarecrows you made this past October were a Wonderful extension (sequel) to the ones in the film!

girl6 said...


Rot said...


Yeah..we loved seeing it again.
Felt very proud of being a part of that.

And noticed so much more this time around, since the first time i was sitting in fear worried about my scarecrows looking ok.

So glad you dug it.
: )

Ragged Grin said...

Watched it last night. Will probably give a few more looks in the coming weeks. Of course the money shot for me is when the male lead hits the basement, gets oriented and then boom!, you know who is right there front and center. I was hooked from there. I don't love the found footage onslaught of recent years, I do believe however that this is such a different way of applying it that it totally works. Overall, far better than what the genre has offered in recent years, great leads, great color, tone. Awesome first full length "Rot" film. Now if I can just throw a couple hundred K your way and get you to do the ultimate scarecrow film. ;-)

girl6 said...

yeah, i know a few film critics were kinda rough on the ending...But, i disagree with them. i think they were looking for a different type of Scare.
it's Prefect tho!

Rot said...

I really dig Karl Mueller's style. Such a beatiful film to watch. And since the first time I saw it, the concept truly is unlike anything else out there.
So just pondering the notion of a real MR JONES sending his works to random (or not random) folks is really interesting. And fun.

I intend to do a writeup of the whole experience after the movie gets released on May 6th.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.