Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I sat through many a cheesy episode of this series just to hear this music during what seemed like the same ending of every cheesy episode - a cool black helicopter fighting bad regular helicopters. 

Click below for an extended theme:


Autumnleaf said...

Lol! I did much of the same. I particularly liked the Bryce Canyon in winter looking footage they would show in the extended end credits. As a sidebar, my uncle did all the miniature pyrotechnics for this series (the original cast years) and I remember visiting the set once when they had to crash an rc plane into a cabbage field. They used brussel sprouts for the cabbages. Those were the days.

Adam said...

Out of all the things you have ever posted on this blog that i agree with or share an opinion of in some uncanny way THIS... THIS tops it all. I had such a ridiculous fascination with the Airwolf theme song! i even bought the Airwolf nintendo game, and it played the theme in the beginning aand I would just let it play over and over. I even recorded it on my mini cassette recorder so i could listen to it wherever i went. Only thing that even comes remotely close was the Ghostbuster theme song. But this is a true WTF gem that few people have ever mentioned. I cant believe you just posted that. Im floored!

Adam said...

ya see this one too?!

Rot said...

Wow, Autumnleaf, that's crazy and way way cool.

ha..adam..that's great...and that link was awesome.