Thursday, April 17, 2014

21 Creepy Accounts From Real People Who Were Terrorized By A Stranger

Great reading for a darkened room...

Bumped this blog entry up.
Feel free to share weird stories that happened to you in the comments section.
Was just thinking about something weird that happened to us as kids and put it there.

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Thanks, Jon!


Dio said...

Holy shit.
I was already chilled from the first three stories and then came to "Roger".
Roger Drollinger and his ghouls lived in the next town over from my hometown when I was in high school. He became the boogeyman. I just found out from high school friends yesterday that he had finally died in prison and I was rereading the details of what had happened, as if it could be forgotten.
Nicely done, freaking me completely out!

And it wouldn't have surprised anyone after if he had killed some kid who got into his van, since he killed for the thrill of it. This guy's father might easily have been the first victim if his gut hadn't kept him from it.

Rot said...

Just getting to reading through these all now. I skimmed it earlier.

Very creepy stuff.
and awful.

Rot said...

Reminded me of the time my sister and brother and I were walking home as the hot summer. A giant car pulls up and a smiling man tells us that our mom told him to drive us home...that it was too hot to walk.

AND WE JUMPED IN. Absolute INSANITY now that I think about it.

He drove us home and we jumped out...he drove away.

My mother had no idea who the guy was based on our description of him and the car, and hadn't told anyone to pick us up.

I should have realized the story was bullshit since my mother absolutely wouldn't have given us a break in the hot summer on a long walk.

And i blame her for her poor parenting. : )
nice training of your kids, mom.
she was probably like: "as long as the man has candy and a dark van, you can go with him."

Dio said...

See, now THAT is scary!
The dark side of human nature is scarier than any monster we can dream up, and remembering the end of childhood innocence always gives an almost pleasant little shiver, if you live through it.
For us, in a town where the worst thing we did was smoke ditchweed and corn houses after dark, a killing done for no reason, nothing even a mother could tell us to avoid, was the end of it.

It's so easy to be skeptical about stories like these in the list, so hearing one or two that are backed by truth gives me hope for all or most of them.
I'm savoring them, halfway through and already so twistedly happy.

Jay's Shadow said...

Man these are good. I just read the first three, CREEPY stuff. Going to read the rest later on.

Awesome find Jon!

Steve Ring said...

When I was in 3rd grade, I was playing with some other kids during recess when a van drove up on the dirt road running behind the playground to where there was an opening in the chain-link fence. I couldn't see the guy inside but he just slowly rolled back around the school to the main road, like he was just lost or something.

But a few minutes later he was driving back around the other way and stopping in the same place. This time, the right side of the van was facing the playground, and he popped that door open, and I could see him gesturing for us to come over. Not having learned to be afraid of adults, yet, I was the kid who walked up to see what he wanted.

I could see him better, now, a guy in his forties or fifties with thick glasses and a mustache, urgently whispering "C'mere! C'mere, kids."

Growing somewhat more suspicious, I asked what he wanted? I didn't hear, or don't remember, what he said then but the implication was clear enough, at that point. I remember my teacher came running out of the schoolhouse yelling at him (our classroom had a large window facing the dirt road) and the van sped away.

The van drove back down that road one more time while we were back inside and my teacher was calling the police (I remember her being disturbed by this). Since I got the best look at the guy, I got to describe him to the officers.

I don't remember hearing whether they caught up to him but I remember we had a guest come to the class from the police department not long after to lecture us about stranger danger. But the real ominousness of the event, I think, was lost on me until I was a little older and more familiar with the darkness that was out there.

The Creeping Cruds said...

When I was maybe 10 or 11 my friend and I were playing on an empty marina beach on the inter coastal of Palm Beach/WPB and a boat came ashore off one of the close docks. Two men came up and insisted we should go for a ride in the boat (a older yatch). They were very adamant but my friend was smart enough to pick up on the very unnatural vibe about the whole scenario and started yelling for his mom - who was actually nowhere around.
But it was enough to dissuade the men and they took off immediately..
I have little doubt that his brilliant actions saved us from a bad scenario. I owe him for that - as I would have probably gone along for the boat ride.
Kids go missing every day.. Teach them to think on their feet..

Rot said...

great stories.
very disturbing.

Jay's Shadow said...

Steve and Creeping Cruds, awesome and disturbing stories.

All I have is somebody tried to kidnap me...... twice.

Jon Glassett said...

I was a very trusting, naive kid. More so than most, I think. There were several incidents that I could describe as close calls but the creepiest run-in was with someone from our apartment complex when I was about twelve.

This guy already had a reputation when we moved there. The stories ranged from looking in people's windows at night to getting caught in profoundly embarrassing circumstances by himself in the nearby woods. This was a time when people like that were somehow more tolerated. Plus, he was the son of the maintenance guy in the complex, so it was almost like people knew he was a creep but were content to just keep an eye on him. Or maybe he just hadn't fully developed as a creep yet and no one was really worried about him. I'm not sure.

Mind you, the woods around the complex were where the majority of the kids in our neighborhood spent their time--myself especially. Being something of a loner, I would spend hours out in the woods looking for salamanders, pillaging the older kids' party spots, and stuff like that. Just knocking around and getting in trouble.

One afternoon I was out in the woods as usual and I was walking along a dry stream bed just exploring or whatever. As I was walking, I kept hearing noises behind me. Leaves crunching, twigs breaking, and the whole thing. Just like the movies. I was starting to get a little nervous so I picked up my pace and started aiming for the path back home.

I had been looking over my shoulder every couple of seconds. My thought was this was either friends of mine playing a joke or it was non-friends of mine looking to torture me. I kept checking and moving.

On my last look back, I saw something I hadn't expected at all: this creepy guy (who was in his twenties at the time) had been attempting to cross between trees behind me without being seen and I caught him.

He stopped, put on this creepy smile and said, "Hey! Come here..." like he just wanted to chat. Like there were totally normal circumstances for a conversation. Then he started moving toward me.

I said something like, "No f*@king way!" and took off running. I heard some noise behind me but didn't look back again and kept running until I got to our apartment.

Years later I found out he was arrested for sexual assault on a minor, among other things.

Rot said...

absolutely crazy, man.

so odd cause it seems for every incident where something horrible has happened, there are all these side stories of when it COULD have happened.

Collateral what-ifs... just awful.

girl6 said...

Oh God!!!..Horrific stories, ALL of them Worse than any made up horror movie. :(

the 1st one..oh man, you leave for a sec & then there's a crazy person under your bed with a weapon. sooo Creepy...just Dreadful.

& those cell phone pics of the strange girl, are Straight from Hell...her Face...Brrrrrrrr!!!

i think if something like this ever happened to me, i would forever lose countless nights of sleep just over the what if's. this really scared me..BIG TIME.

Ohhh & the violinist stalking dude.
oh my god..

girl6 said...

& rot that's your 2nd effed up story!!!
i remember the other one you posted about your mom, your bro & you taking a walk at night & the stalker dude..VERY Scary, 2 stories...

Rot said...

That's right!
had forgotten about that one as I tried to remember anything creepy in my life.

yeah, that dude was SO strange..lingering around a school yard at night.