Monday, April 21, 2014

Reel 9

Last The Fog post for the day. 
It's my favorite track from the soundtrack - Reel 9.  It will forever remind me of sitting on the cold cement steps of my parents' porch, handing out candy dressed as Mr. Michael Audrey Myers.  I've written about it before, but there's a strange and peaceful solitude when sitting alone on Halloween night under a latex mask, in charge of a candy bowl.  A tiny slice of weird.  Like putting on a one-man show where you don't say a word.  You let the music and the fog machine and the lighting and the mache monsters do that for you.

Happy Birthday, Antonio Bay.
This is Rot, signing off.

Click below for the track:


Amy said...

Well said Rot, and that's one badass shot ;)

girl6 said...

Love that pic, it's full of Magic!.. :)

& the sharing of how you felt was Lovely...this part : (Like putting on a one-man show where you don't say a word.) totally made me think of Lon Chaney Sr.'s performances in all of those old Wonderful silent films, he starred in. maybe, you were channeling your inner Lon that night..<333333333

Super Beautiful Post (felt like i was right there). :)

Ragged Grin said...

Great post, awesome track

Sara said...

Ha, I actually was like, "wait....I haven't seen that Halloween movie before...." then I remembered it's a picture from your haunt. Pretty authentic. Or I'm just getting old. lol.

Rot said...

: D

that's funny.

can't be age!

Jon Glassett said...

Beautifully described.