Friday, April 25, 2014

Must. Have.


Jay's Shadow said...

I have always dreamed of owning this truck ever since I have seen this movie.

PERFECT for my morning commute.

girl6 said...

cause...this movie, OMG.

i remember when this movie was first released, Clive Barker had endorsed it as being one of the scariest movies to come along in awhile & i LOVE Clive, so i just had to see it.
& i gotta say, the first 1/3 of the movie is Absolutely Fabulous, so EXCITING & Scary. i thought my heart was gonna burst
& i Loved that a movie made me feel like that.

oh yeah, that truck is the Ultimate ride to Hell...
wheeeeeee! : D

& of course, there's the whole opening, a total homage to Steven Spielberg's "Duel", which is also a pretty Awesome film, probably my most favourite of his. i would love to see SS return to those roots.

ohhhh & i picked up a dvd copy of "Jeepers" with a lenticular cover. cause dag man, i just Dig that movie!

ohhhhh & the ending, where the camera slowly pulls up to the Creeper while he's sitting at his workbench OMG, brrrrrrrrr...