Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Incredibly spooky with some nightmarish images of victims of this strange phenomenon (or peculiar accident).  The comments by fire investigators were the creepiest.

Click below:
 Thanks, Steve!


Steve Ring said...

Yeah, I thought I saw a doc one time where they tested the wick effect with a cadaver, so I was looking for that. They made a feeble attempt to test the wick effect on a pork leg here, of course, but at least the rest of it is pretty interesting. Especially the fire-breathing woman. Yikes!

Rot said...

Strange about the one that took only twenty minutes to happen.
This was the kind of show that would have ruined many a night for me as a kid - wondering if it would happen to me. Or my mom....which, back then, would have been worse than if it happened to me. Imagine leaving the house and coming back after thirty minutes and finding a loved one's FOOT and a massive hole..and melted things throughout the house.

Steve Ring said...

At least you could be in a documentary about spontaneous combustion, someday, like that Cockney bloke in this one.

"And that's when I noticed me mum was breevin' farr!"

Rot said...

: D