Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Insensitive Jokes

I went to a Catholic high school, and I recall one horrid theology class where the strange little teacher was going to educate us on why telling cruel jokes was morally wrong.  He claimed they desensitized issues which should never be desensitized.  I guess they make humans colder than they should ever be.  And I would have to agree in theory.  But that's not even the point.

He decided the best way to prove this to us was to tell a dehumanizing desensitizing joke.  So we're a bunch of 16 year olds in a boring theology class, with this soft-spoken tiny man.  And he takes a deep breath as if this is going to be extremely painful for him.  And I have a feeling it was.

He quietly asked:  "Why did the Ethiopian cross the road?"
He paused, and answered:  "He was chasing the chicken."

Now, you can imagine a room full of 16 year old boys hearing that joke for the first time.  I have to admit that I howled.  For that joke truly is a gas.

And I've told that joke many times since, and I totally blame that teacher.

He desensitized me.

In this undated photo, a rooster runs for its life.

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Jay's Shadow said...

HA!! :D Awesome joke.

I know I am a desensitized and insensitive man.

I wouldn't want to be anything else. :)

Ragged Grin said...

Strangely ashamed to admit never having heard that, but you bet your non chicken chasing behind I'm gonna use it. =-O

Unknown said...

At least he didn't do a rendition of "The Aristocrats".

Willow Cove said...

Dang, I thought I had it bad with catholic grade school. Lots of nun-trama stories...
and I have an aunt who's a nun!
Made family gatherings fun....
Me and my brother getting yelled at for imitating Dana Carvey on SNL yelling "Satan!"

btw, funny joke ;)

girl6 said...

Funny joke & Great story too!.. <33333

& Jay's Shadow, you AIN'T desensitized nor insensitive.
You a Sweetie, the secret is out!! : D

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

Eh, sensitivity is for squares.

ShellHawk said...

I'm always of two minds about this kind of thing.

1) Guilty mind. I intellectually realize this is a REALLY bad thing to be chuckling to. I know dehumanizing others is a bad thing. I have been the brunt of some of these jokes and stereotypes, and, theoretically, have had my mind irreparably twisted by the insensitivity of it all.

2) Hilarity. I laugh my ass off, anyway. I could give a rip about stereotypes (mostly) and often make jokes about my own race. So sue me.