Thursday, August 7, 2014

Paranormal Witness Tumblr

My older brother had told me about a voice late at night….the voice said…”wolf, wolf” in a scary voice…we would both see shadows on the wall of a man who was headless.


Jay's Shadow said...

Man, I love a good ghost story. Especially when there are photos to go with it.

We did the jenny wade house in Gettysburg a while ago, and my daughter got a GOOD pic inside the house.

We are thinking about going to the Philadelphia Asylum this year. Heard it was an good place to go to.

I love ghosts, they are so fun.

Joel said...

For some reason, things like "wolf, wolf" tend to creep me out the most. Ghost tales that imply a behavior or speech pattern that seems inscrutable and just...odd. As if some entities exist in a state of cyclical, almost childlike irrationality.

Shani said...

Ahhh ghost stories! In travel channel was playing a marathon of the show Ghost Stories. Can't tear myself away!