Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Jay's Shadow said...

Like they always say, a head for a head.

Willow Cove said...

Cool scenes with him in the cornfeild.

Hal9thou said...

Is that pumpkin yours? Looks like it.

Rot said...

nah..not one of mine.
love it. a wonderful scarecrow.

girl6 said...

she tricked & he gotta treat!!. : D

so much to love about this. it's successfully funny & scary, which is always a treat. i loved all the homages too. the scarecrow kinda reminded me of the "sleepy hollow" scarecrow. they played a little clip of the original "dark shadows" theme music in the very beginning, which was total gahhhh for me. then there's that wet & drippy treat bag at the end....brrrrrr, like sam's little sack.

& what really hypnotized me for some reason was the icy blue look of the outside. it looked so much like a matte painting, but, i guess is was cgi w/ the falling leaves on a continuous loop, really loved that.

that phone conversation, REALLY cracked me up!!!.."stop pullin on me"..HAHAHAHA. soooo good, great observations!! yeah, i LOVE this lil film..<333 sooooo exciting when you see people creating with SO much love!!.

The Creeping Cruds said...

First live action episode of BFC!