Thursday, April 28, 2016

Guess What Today Is?

Bring your kid to work day.

I'm preparing for that feeling of being a tired animal in a petting zoo.


Jay's Shadow said...


I'm glad I don't have to worry about that.

ShellHawk said...


My kids are dogs, and not allowed in my building. I'm wondering if I should sue for discrimination?

Rot said...

I support this lawsuit.

girl6 said...

cause, i thought that was regis phibin there for a moment. SO scary!!. : D
what is that cool still from?

yeah, you'll be furless by the end of the day!. : (

Rot said...


I have no idea where that's from...used it last year and can't recall where I got it.

girl6 said...

keep a stick by your desk so you can administer secret smacks when needed..<3
little bastards!!!!

Unknown said...

Good old Charles Gray in THE DEVIL RIDES OUT

Jay's Shadow said...

ShellHawk, that's a great point. I consider my dog as my kid too.

I should take her to work tonight.

Adam said...

Soooooo i bring my dog?

Autumnleaf said...

Um, are cats allowed?

girl6 said...

totally wanna watch.."the devil rides out" too!!!!