Saturday, April 16, 2016

The UFO Incident

I wrote about this TV movie before...about how it traumatized me and my brother at an age way too young to see a drama with this much disturbing imagery and content, and alien horror.
Bean and I decided to watch it yesterday and we were amazed at the quality of the writing and style of directing.  Incredibly relevant for a UFO film made in 1979 for television.  A film more about human struggle than aliens.  The actors were wonderful to watch.

The entire film is on youtube, thankfully.

Click below if you're interested.  It comes with my highest recommendation...


Adam said...

gotta muster up some balls to watch this

Sara said...

How fun! My husband and I are always looking for full length free YouTube movies to watch. This sounds awesome!! So I probably should watch this after the kids are asleep?:D

Rot said...

Not sure how normal kids would react...especially modern kids.
I'd imagine most folks would look at this and find it silly these days?

Sara said...

We are a third of the way in. Liking it so far. I love James Earl Jones.

And yeah We don't allow our kids to see much nowadays. We did see The Jungle Book last night though and I freaking loved it. My kids did too. Ok, back to aliens.