Thursday, April 14, 2016


Looking the best I've seen him since the rubber suit days...


Jay's Shadow said...

Yeah, I really like the darker color with the red accents.

But ya just got to love the rubber suits. The way they would giggle around as they walked and crushed stuff.

girl6 said...

Thank You TOHO..awwwwww man.
& the title Resurgence, that's just Perfect.<333

that gigante Godzilla tail, gliding across the screen, was sucha gorgeous sight. & honestly, i LOVE Godzilla SO much, that i'll even take bad Gozilla. i don't care. just give me Godzilla. Forever. makes me pine for Johnny Sokko & his flying robot too (punching that big ol floating eyeball) : D

The Creeping Cruds said...

@girl6 - they are showing episodes of Johnny Sokko/Flying Robot on the new free channel called Comet (along with a buttload of other excellent classic horrors).

Going back to the very last Toho Godzilla Heisei movie Godzilla vs Destroyah, the Big G is seen dying from the same issue that cause him to turn red (radioactive meltdown or something along those lines) so is this now showing him reforming from the meltdown?
And if so does that mean we are skipping post Heisei movies?

girl6 said...

Hey C.C. Thank You SO much for the Comet tip, i had NO idea. & i can't believe we actually have it, cause we have the worst cable pkg ever. i just checked out their schedule & i'm really excited!!. : )

i heard TOHO was going to do a reboot starting from scratch. but with what you just said & what we just saw in this trailer, definitely looks like a pseudo reboot instead. but then, the Godzilla continuity has never been strict.