Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Krampus Day

KRAMPUS is available to rent or buy on dvd/blu ray.

Krampus party at my desk today.



Jay's Shadow said...

I'm going to go stand by my mail box now.

your coworkers should be throwing a big party today.

Rot said...

my coworkers couldn't care less.

I get this a lot "Oh..ok..I'll try to remember to look for it....how do you spell it again? K..R...what?"

Jay's Shadow said...

You need a big movie poster to hang up. Or do a mass email with one word, "Krampus".

Or you could just slaughter them one by one until they start paying attention. :D

girl6 said...

Merry Christmas Man!!!
i'm going to see if it's in the new release section at FYE tonight!! & snap some pics!!

your feet sticking to the floor
slurpin on a giant coke
throwing popcorn at the back of peeps heads
& mind you..all whilst sitting at your desk...hahaha : D
Enjoy your day Rot!!. : )

wicKED said...

I know what I'm doin tonight...

The Creeping Cruds said...

Couldn't hold out - bought the iTunes version.
My collection lives in my TV I guess.

Sara said...

Sweet!!:) I can finally watch it! Lol

Ragged Grin said...

Having a viewing party this weekend. Can't wait. Maybe make some snowmen.

Juli Riedel said...

Just ordered mine!! Woot, woot!

girl6 said...

i have a few pics for you.
i'll send them over..when i get them off of Carl's phone.
hahahha...i'm sucha peasant.

Rot said...

fun : )