Saturday, April 2, 2016

Night Visitor [For Adam]

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Adam said...

I hate you. 100% truth. I am writing this alone in my apartment at 130am with all lights off. Your timing is to good. You will pay for this haha

Rot said...


Adam said...

Where is this taken from by the way

girl6 said...

AWWWWW!!! guys. i can totally visualize you 2 watching this together with a giant vat of popcorn & giving each other support. movie buddies are the best!!. : )

However....the dude who reviewed this movie, felt the need to say this.."I still think found footage films are crap. I still find them to be cheap pieces of garbage that is made for the mindless masses who don't want to concern themselves with pesky things like character, plot or story and that annoying thing called acting."

wow...that was not awwwww, cute or funny. sucha bummer.
such is life.

Rot said...'s from your 3am.

girl6...yeah..dude's hatin

girl6 said...

cause..1:30am..Adam is feelin the creepies big time
& 3;00am...visiting hrs have begun!!...brrrrrr

Adam said...

God damn that gotta outta hand real quick. That God you replied to that days after the fact. I'd be checking my clock at 3am, then my closet, then my window, then my doorway. Repeat, repeat repeat. Girl6- along with the possession stuff, aliens are my weakness. Rot has taken the opportunity to make sure sleeping soundly on my stay-cation is not an option at all.