Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Now Playing: Distant Dream (Video)

By John Carpenter.



Jay's Shadow said...

Damn. Mr. Carpenter was jamm'in.

girl6 said...

hahahha...isn't he just the BEST. this made me SO happy!!!! it also made me watch the "big trouble in little china" video again. he's sooooo full of sasssss. did you like, when at the end of the "they live" doc, they cut to him & ask "did you think the fight/wrestling scene in the middle of the movie was too long?" & JC replies, "FUCK NO!!!!". SO Much Sass. kinda gruff. & always Fabulous!!!! NO shit kinda guy. there aren't enough <3's for him.

i felt some Rush & Devo peppered into this tune. what did you think?