Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Please, Hollywood, Make This Movie: Allagash



girl6 said...

with all the info/documentation out there on this case, i'm really quite surprised that a stab at a movie hasn't already been taken.

i think i'm gonna have to add "fire in the sky" to our movie collection. oh & i heard there's a tv movie or maybe it was a mini-series, from 1992, called "intruders" & someone said, it's EVEN more distressing than "fire in the sky?" i find that hard to believe but i'm don't rule it out & i'm very interested in watching it. do you know of or seen it?

it's the violation...that's so hard to watch in these films. to see someone so distressed & afraid really hurts to watch. "fire in the sky" & "deliverance" take my breath away. like i honestly can't breathe. i still haven't watched either make of "i spit on your grave". i don't think i can.

Rot said...

Same here with Spit on your grave...can't do it. saw the original years and years ago and just can't.

I remember my mom watching Intruders when it was on tv...VERY scary. and very well made. She was scared...which meant WE were scared.

girl6 said...

good to hear & with Mama Rot's seal of approval. : D
i am definitely going to look into it..i think it's viewable online..<3