Friday, July 20, 2018

Trailer: GLASS

oh wow.


Amy said...

Looks incredible, but I’m scared. Like getting to meet your idol, and finding out her or she is actually a jerk type scared. Been waiting for 15+ years to see this!

Also heard there was new footage of Halloween shown, and it’s getting rave reviews.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.........


Rot said...

I think i have blind faith now for M. Night after watching SPLIT.

I heard about the HALLOWEEN footage.
Worried about the violence and blood they mentioned.
But i guess there's no way around that for a modern horror film.

girl6 said...

Now..Mr. Glass gets his turn. Oh i DO LOVE Sam Jackson. He's a BEAUTIFUL Actor. Hardest working man in Hollywood too. i could listen to him cuss alllll day everyyyyyyday.<333

& this exchange between Mr. Glass & David Dunn is EVERYTHING. Cry worthy man.

we watched a few panels from SDCC this year. Looks like this really really woulda been a GREAT year to attend. The Mr. Glass Panel was Fabulous. & The Trailer..OMG. they're already saying this IS going to be James McAvoy's yr. to win!? he shoulda won for SPLIT. but..i guess you can't win two yrs in a row.

The SHAZAM Trailer really caught me. Takes place in Philly!!!! Sooooo Gooooood.<3

The Aquaman Trailer was interesting. Def dug him better in the trailer than when he made his first appearance in the recent Justice League vehicle..that movie is really pretty bad. SO Unfair for James Wan too with being the director of Aquaman proper but..Aquaman making his debut in a film NOT directed by JW. Now James W. has to straighten out some corny ass shit that went down in Justice that whole stupid talking underwater in air bubbles...HHAHAHAHA!!! JW was horrified & promised to rectify that garbage when he took over what WAS ALREADY his dude/universe.

Ohhhh & then there's the NEW Predator Trailer. i don't care for the NEW slick look of the creature. he was SO lovely just the way he was!!

Honestly..i only want the M. Night comic universe.

Addicted to Halloween said...

That. Looks. AMAZING.