Thursday, August 11, 2022


Something went wrong, says the empty house
in the weed-choked yard. Stones in the fields
say he was not a farmer; the still-sealed jars
in the cellar say she left in a nervous haste.
And the child? Its toys are strewn in the yard
like branches after a storm—a rubber cow,
a rusty tractor with a broken plow,
a doll in overalls. Something went wrong, they say.

Ted Kooser


Withered Vines said...

SSoooo much potential there as long as its not a money pit

Autumnleaf said...

Love this....but I don't have the funds or the energy. I guess that creepy cloth stuff is what's left of the tarp that was supposed to keep the roof dry.

Rot said...

That was my assumption too. I love the idea of someone at some point TRYING to prevent leaks in an old roof...and that too gets shredded with time and elements.

MR. Macabre said...

That place would be perfect to "haunt" on Halloween night.

Mr. Macabre