Friday, August 19, 2022

Valentine Bluffs: My Bloody Valentine Fan Film

Caught up with an old friend yesterday.  I used to feature his blog quite a bit in the past.  If you're a long-time reader, you might recall Chuck Ryan's The Scarecrow's Post blog (Behind the Rows Studio).  Always great entries about his horror cosplay and props.  

Turns out he's helping to bring back the My Bloody Valentine franchise.  He's a producer of the fan film and, naturally, the main attraction - The Miner.

Click below for a trailer and more information on the Indiegogo Valentine Bluffs.


Mike C(JASONV123) said...

Always a fan of his work. This is good news!

girl6 said...

SO BadAss!!!
i was like is that Lloyd Kaufman??? OMG IT IS!!! HAHAHAHHA!!! LOVE Him! CAN'T wait to check this out. i'll have to look at all the old posts on your blog too to see what i missed! i dig this franchise especially being a coal miner's granddaughter & all. haha.