Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Now It Was Up To Me Alone

I began walking along the sidewalk, the others following after me.  We crossed Garfield Street and Peabody Street and that brought us to Baline Avenue where we turned left.  I could see Miss Marble's iron fence half a block ahead, but I was careful not to slow my pace.  When we arrived at the fence I walked to the gate with as firm a tread as I could muster and put my hand upon its latch.  The metal was cold and made me think of coffin handles and graveyard diggers' picks.  I pushed it down and the gate swung open with a low, rusty groaning.

Gahan Wilson, Yesterday's Witch


Revenant Manor said...

I'm sure the story was published in a dozen places and included in several anthologies long before I stumbled on it, but I found 'Yesterday's Witch' included in '13 Horrors of Halloween'as a youngin'.

I don't know what I'd think picking it up for the first time now, but it's easily one of my favorite anthologies, and remains fully connected to childhood Halloweens.

girl6 said...

So much to LOVE about this.
i dig how the sneaks match the jack. Feels like he's walking thru a Wyeth painting. & For some strange & wonderful reason this ghost made me think of that Fat Albert Halloween ep. hahha. i don't know why, but i LOVE that it did!

Rot said...

Same RM!

And I can totally see that, girl6