Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abduction Protection

All I know is that I would totally try this if I found myself paralyzed and surrounded by putrid aliens.

Click below:

Recommended for Adam.


Adam said...

Hahah, really? The first thing I see when i turn on the computer this morning is THAT FACE! I'm calling you out because I know when you were about to go to sleep, you got slightly disturbed after all this abduction talk you felt the need to google abduction protection! Just in case! And I KNOW that video had to be hard for you to get through.

Good God! What if they somehow inpregnate you....!!!

Much better I saw this at 8am than at night. Round every corner I'd think I'd see those eyes!

Now be honest, after watching that video how many times did YOU talk to Jesus for alien protection last night ? Hahah

Rot said...

I wish I had watched that last night. Found it this morning.

too funny

Adam said...

Aliens are terrified of Jesus!!

JHMDF said...

When I see aliens, I yell Sassafrass... works every time.

Steve Ring said...

Just tell them where the silverware is and they usually don't give you trouble.