Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Dust

I moved into an apartment in NJ 5 years ago. After one year or so I started to see what appeared to be black dust floating down from the ceiling or like black ink being dripped into water. At times I thought it just to be that of dust, but I tried catching it and it was gone or nothing there. I thought maybe I was seeing those colors you see after you look at a light for too long, but then my cats started to react.

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MorbidMariah said...

Hmm. Interesting. It's always fun to hear ghosty stories where the ghosts appear in some unusual form. (if that is what the black dust is). By the way, did you see this week's Paranormal Witness? That one *really* creeped me out!

Rot said...

Yeah. We loved that episode.
I hated the store owner for selling it to try to get rid of it.
He KNEW it gave his mom a stroke, so he sold it.

That's really not ok.

I mean, if it was all true, that is.

Such a great series. I love every episode. Like mini-movies.