Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alien Autopsy

Recently watched the film Alien Autopsy, a film depicting the 1995 alien autopsy hoax. I was surprised that the hoaxer Ray Santilli is still claiming that the film isn't a fraud, but rather a reproduction of what he actually saw on a reel of film showing a real alien autopsy. The original film, which he claims to have watched, had decayed after the American serviceman sold it to him.

Total bull, no doubt. But a good story and a really REALLY good film.

Click below for a video which looks into the tale:

And click here for the trailer to the 2006 film.


Adam said...

i remember watching this as a kid. They even had a T.V show dissecting bits and pieces of it to validate it's authenticity. There was also this Faux reality video of this family's house who was surrounded by aliens and they were recording the whole thing. For the life of me I can't remember the name. Obviously fake, but I remember it creeping me out terribly. Their creepy faces would be peering through windows throughout the whole thing. Really weird.

Rot said...'s your lucky day. I just recently saw some footage of that Alien ambush thing and even the weird outdated footage creeped me the hell out.

Here it is (I'm assuming this is what you meant)the McPherson tape:

Adam said...


DEAD ON! Can't believe you found it. Creepy as hell right?! Parts when they seem to be looking in the windows bug me out. A brush with the cover of the book "Communion" by Whitley Streiber when I was a kid burned the fear of those cliche "grey" faces in my head. Aparently, they made a higher budget version in 98 called Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. It aired on UPN 9 as well. As BS as they are you gotta love these supposed real found footage tapes. I always have my fingers crossed that one day one of them will turn up real. Stuff like Destination Truth just frustrates the hell outta me.

Rot said...

I had the same experience with COMMUNION's book cover.

What IS it with that design that's so terrifying?

I used to work with a girl who felt the same way, so I'd send her emails with a file attachment called "GREATMOVIEPOSTER" or something like that and it would be a photo of that book cover. I'd hear her scream from over the cube walls. She stopped opening emails from me.

Adam said...

Hahaha, so messed up. Im floored Im not the only one. I remember clear as day my parents picking me up from a friends and seeing that damn face staring up at me from the floor of the car. I said to my mom, "What the hell is that?!" She then said to my father, " I told you we should have put that book in the trunk".

What makes things even worse, it that there was a sequal called "Transition" , I think. On the cover with that same horrifying face read a quote, "We Are Watching You". From that point on I made my parents close my curtains before I went to bed. I was convinced I would see an alien face peer in from the side of the window. Messed me up real bad. Same as the Excorsist did.

I think it's things like that though that make us who we are. People who have a love of the dark I mean. That stuff may scare us as kids, but as we grow older it makes us want to meet those fears head on.

Best part is when I finally saw the movie and for a good part of the movie I thought Christopher Walken was supposed to be the alien hahah. But who can blame me, he's just as creepy looking as that book cover!

Rot said...


Not the only one, man.
In fact, I was reading an article about people who feel they were abducted by aliens and I had all the symptoms. Up near the top of the list - a fear of the alien face. And it even cited the cover of COMMUNION. Hilarious.

I refuse..because I believe in alien abduction.
I just refuse to accept it.

I pretty much know I'd die of fright at the sight of those things surrounding my bed.

Adam said...

You MUST be on the same page as me haha. I used to dwell on abduction all the time. I convinced myself that because we lived in a more wooded area that we i was more likely to get abducted because thats where the guy in Communion's house was, in the woods. And that they some how could read my mind that I was affraid of being abducted so they would more likely come after me haha.

I was a paranoid little kid. I wonder how many peoples lives that book cover tormented. The fact that is actually refered to in a legitiment abduction survey is hilarious, but it makes sense.

Sadly, I believe it possible for abduction to happen. Not to dredge up old fears haha. I mean, if aliens do come here, why wouldnt they run tests on us. Look at what we do to frogs in biology classes.
Im sure a good 90% of reported cases are wackos or on acid (look into Riley Martin, hilarious!). But also if you haven't watched "Fire In The Sky".....DONT! You wont sleep!

Rot said...


Like I said..I HAVE to believe that it's all a lie! I'll go insane thinking of the slim chance of them coming into my room as I am frozen and have to look at those giant awful eyes. HA..yep..I saw fire in the sky and haven't been the same since. There's just SOMETHING about that topic that's unnaturally terrifying to me.

SO funny about the wooded home. That logic makes sense though. THey'd certainly come for you over someone in an urban area.

My brother and I to this day will try to freak each other out with this stuff. If we're on the phone at night he'll say "Did you just hear that?..a high pitched the didn't hear that? That's how it starts, you know?"

Ever read the cases of human mutilations. Almost too much to comprehend if it's true.

SO I repeat: It CAN'T be true.

And by "Can't" I mean "it better not be."

Adam said...

Best part about this whole conversation is that as highly as everyone on here respects your vision, your work and your status as a master of your craft, it is still great to know that you have somthing that terrifies the shit out of you. I admittedly cower like a girl when The Excorsist is on. That whole thing is terror in it's purist form. Abduction is a close second. I think fears like that keeps the brain inspired

Rot said...

The Devil and Aliens.

I was remembering a message I had on my phone once. It was a scratchy recording of a woman under hypnosis..."..Oh the faces...I just knew if i looked at those horrible eyes that I would die...those eyes"

My brother left it for me. From a youtube vid.


Adam said...

The hypnosis stuff makes ya think. Are these people really recalling honest to god abduction? That's the stuff that makes the possible reality of it all the more disturbing.

I have still yet to conjure up the balls to watch "The Fouth Kind". People tell me it's freaky as hell. And despite people saying it was bad, "The Devil Inside" most likely will never be watched by me based on how damn scary the preview was alone! Never once has a preview freaked me out so bad.

Rot said...

As a man who fears alien abductions, the trailer for the fourth kind was far scarier than the film itself. I found the film kinda weak. Great performances though. Just didn't dig the way they had the side-by-side footage.

Never saw the trailer or film..the devil inside...I shall now go look for it on youtube.

Rot said...

ooops...I actually DID see that trailer.
I heard that was a real lemon of a film.

Then you MUST have seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose? The trailer alone kept me up at night.

Loved that film.

Adam said...

42 124 iEmily Rose was an awesome film. There have been si many possesion films churned out recently and that was one of the few good ones in the last ten years. There is even that Sam Rami one coming out soon. But the trailer for The Devil Inside just hit me for some reason. Possession movies are always my hardest to deal with. I think the tie in with them and the alien stuff is because they are the only supposed "REAL" monsters people actually scientificaly debate. Maybe that why they come off so frightening . Surprised you watched Fourth Kind. The trailers gave off a Real intense creepiness.

Adam said...

also the barn scene in Emily Rose was AWESOME! "1 2 3 4 5 6....we are the ones that dwell within.!" One of my favorite scenes in a horror film ever!