Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why In The World Are They Spraying?

Just watched a fascinating video about something I've always noticed, but have always dismissed - chemtrails.

Click below for a trailer:


Amy said...

What the hell is going on? That is insane.

I wish I could go back to being a mindless 12 year old.

Rot said...

Yeah. This is the kind of video that can really ruin your night.

I agree. Life was a lot cooler when you heard your folks talking about stressful stuff and you were happy to just not understand.

The first documentary by these guys is called What in the world are they spraying?" and it's all about what they're finding in the rainfall and the soil. And how there are patents out for spraying aerosols in the air. And things like govt documents on controlling the weather and all that crap.

The best scene in that first doc is when some geoengineers are boasting about spraying aluminum in the atmosphere and some guy in the audience asks if they've ever tested the effects of aluminum particles being breathed in by humans. The engineer pretty much squirms and reluctantly admits nothing has been studied and it's not even part of the plan to give a crap about the effects on humans.

Goneferalinidaho said...

Oh, good grief, I'm gonna have to reign this one in. No way the chem trail thing makes sense. All people would be subject.

Rot said...

I'll respectfully disagree.
If there's one thing that corporations, industries, the wealthy, and governments do it's make decisions that benefit a small handful of people with total disregard for the effects on the rest of us, and on the world.

The entire field of geoengineering proposes exactly what these people are saying is currently occurring. In fact, Bill Gates is in the mix now:
"So the Microsoft (MSFT) billionaire and philanthropist has stepped into the breach to become the world's leading funder of research into geoengineering -- deliberate, large-scale interventions in the earth's climate system intended to prevent climate change and its repercussions. Since 2007, Gates has given about $4.6 million of his money to Caldeira and Keith for geoengineering research. Intellectual Ventures, a private company funded in part by Gates, has explored such technologies as building an 18-mile-long hose, tethered by balloons, that would spray tiny particles into the stratosphere to block the sun's rays. Gates has even attached his name to a patent application for ocean-churning technology designed to sap the strength of hurricanes, which appear to be getting fiercer because of global warming."


So the chem trail thing makes sense to these people. It's just a question of whether or not they're doing it now. I happen to think they are.

At the absolute very least, they're PLANNING to do it, if they aren't already doing it. Geoengineering is real. And putting particles into the atmosphere is pretty much the singular method they intend to use.

So it's just a matter of when.

And these folks who made this film believe it's happening now.

Shani said...

Omg with the global warming. Our climate is changing there's no doubt about that. BUT, it's changed before...that's what it does. It's not a constant. There are deserts now where there used be oceans. I'm not saying that we aren't taking a toll on our enviroment...because I do believe that we are. But I certaintly don't think that we are causing a climate shift. Maybe helping it along...but this would be happening regardless.

As far as the chem trails...I haven't watched the trailer yet but I remember hearing about this when I was younger. Scary for sure. Even scarier that this would be done to try and control the weather. Seriously?

Rot said...

I share similar views in regards to global warming.

yeah, the entire notion of geoengineering as a human answer to controlling the weather is perhaps the singular most arrogant concept ever.

Yeah, that won't have consequences.

The first film "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING?" features some great scenes from a conference of geoengineers which demostrates the arrogance perfectly.

I think recently Gates was going to fund a test where they dumped particles into the air above New Mexico or Arizona. How come they never do that stuff above THEIR homes?

So much stuff out there about the desire to dump stuff into our atmosphere without considering that the stuff eventually comes back down to the ground:

Then there's the military document i've posted on this blog before..about controlling the weather being a goal by 2025:

Greed and arrogance.
Very sad.

screaminscott said...

Hey guys, can we stick to Halloween and Horror stuff?

The chemtrail "conspiracy" is an urban myth. They are just contrails.

And global warming is real, and caused my human actions, although the effects are sometimes overstated by people misusing the science for their own agenda.

Rot said...

Feel free to discuss anything you like on your own blog.

This is entirely in the scope of my usual range of blog material.

bean said...

I always remember a clip of a local weatherman referencing a cloud band saying it was the military spraying participles..he knew because he had been in the air force and used to do it. He specifically mentioned aluminum...then he went on with the rest of the forecast.

Rowan said...

Thanks for bring this to my attention Rot.
I have never heard of chem trails. I know I have seen them but I had no idea what they were spraying,I am not surprised just disapointed.

Rot said...

It's a weird topic. And there are plenty of sites refuting the claims in this video.

I guess it's like anything else...somewhere in the middle is the truth.

And just knowing that geoengineering proposes exactly what they are talking about in this video is enough for me to at least start to question if it's happening now.

Something to research further.

GhostTown said...

I'm in the same camp as Goneferal. Though I haven't done any private research to dispel these theories, I just cannot imagine that there would not be a much broader impact than what testing would see over a specific area.

Take it from us Idahoans who have so much smoke in the air right now we can hardly see the sun. Today it is from local fires, but just a couple weeks ago it was from fires in Nevada and California. Smoke travels fast and far once caught in the jet stream, and those are particles which are emitted from ground level. I can't imagine how far they would travel if dumped high up into the atmosphere.

I don't doubt that big money people use more money than us little ones can even fathom to do strange things just to see what happens to society, but I just can't imagine it going this far.

As far as global warming goes, blame over population and the extreme popularity to breed, breed, breed........ why must everyone have children?

VooDoo.13 said...

I just recently listen to an interview with the makers of this film on the Alex Jones Show. Pretty scarey stuff. They have been spraying aluminum, barium salts and likes for sometime now in our atmosphere. As far as global warming goes(now called climate change) as far as humans causing it. Yeah we might be helping it along. But the only thing constant on this planet is change. The weather and warming and cooling periods have been happening for millions of years.
The elites care not what happens to us regular folks. They only want to destroy and deindustrialize the US.
Here is some interesting reading for you. Look up Agenda 21. That is when it really gets scary. The movie the Hunger Games. That is how they want it to be.

VooDoo.13 said...

Also Scott. They are not contrails. Contrails do not disperse the way the chemtrails do. Conspiracy theory it isnt. Conspiracy fact it is.

Heather said...

Very scary. Those time lapse images of the chemtrails taken by satellite cameras? That's what made me go hmmmmmm.

Rot said...

I was going to post this link today, but figured no one was still reading this old post...This story was on the front page of weather.com today: