Friday, August 10, 2012

Temp Trend

Temperature and Weather trends for a Philadelphia suburb from 1981-2011.

Thanks, Joe (Mr. Amy) for running these numbers.
Very cool to see all of this data in one place.


Jon Glassett said...

That's really cool. My dad would love that. Is this a web-based report?

Rot said...

Manually-compiled data entered into an excel file.

Amy said...

It was a neat little project. If I had to choose the perfect Halloween over the last 31 I would have to go with 1986.

Curious to hear what some of the regulars around here would pick.

I am a sucker for a windy oct 31st thought.

Rot said...

Nice choice. : )

I like to be cold on Halloween night. I like a steady wind, though I think I prefer it on the light side, with occasional moderate gusts. But nothing too severe.

And definitely in the 40s.

Anonymous said...

Definitly should be a chilly night,low 40's,some clouds with a big moon(prime would be a full moon and I think I remember one) and a breeze to rustle the leaves on the ground and shake loose the rest of them on the trees.

Is summer over yet?

Jon Glassett said...

I'm with Rot, but add partly cloudy with a nice, bright moon (doesn't have to be full).

In the 40s, for sure. And a light breeze. Light enough to move the fog without dispersing it.

Amy said...

I feel so honored to have contributed to the website of a CHAMPION filmmaker!

I've been listening to Swamp Foetus every night since Sunday...congrats Rot & Jon!