Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Halloween Cicadas

The Brood X cicada.
Every 17 years these neat little guys emerge.
I had the pleasure of seeing them back in 2004 in Princeton, NJ. They were everywhere. Their shells were piled under every tree, inches deep. Their strange buzzing hum filled the air, a very different sound than the one from the standard green and black cicada.

Next appearance: 2021.

Image by curtandrew.


Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

Oh wow! I've never seen the orange and black ones before :) I love finding their little shells.

NoahFentz said...

Yeeup..I have a bunch of their shells in a jar in my witch's spice shelf...

Mr Black said...

We had our turn a couple years back. everyone complained about them, but I like them. The noise was intense, but they were remarkable.