Monday, November 8, 2021

Dear Hollywood:

Don't you DARE put Egon's ghost/soul/whatever inside this ghost trap.

And PLEASE don't make those little Stay Puft CG guys form a line and start to jump into a giant CG mess that eventually becomes a giant CG Stay Puft marshmallow man.

Oh, and please make new stuff.  

Love, Rot <3


Sara said...

Thank you! Damn straight!!!! Soooooo many people are
predicting this outcome though. Soooooo many. I am NOT ok with this film.
I hope Egon isn’t in there. I hope they think he is but he’s really gone. I hope he’s not CGI. He better not appear in CGI form.

I will say though....I’ll be forced to go see it with my kids and I’m not super mad about it. I’m curious. I’m also buying my youngest some toys from the new line for his birthday. *facepalm* The new action figures of the original three are pretty fun.

Rot said...


Rot said...

haha... FINE!

and yeah, if I see a CG Egon (not ready to admit I'll actually see this film) I will make a scene.

Rot said...

And I agree about how they might make us feel like he's in there, and then it's empty. That would be semi-original (though I think CASPER had a similar theme when the mom was like "I had no unfinished business so I didn't become a ghost"...or something like that.

I wonder if Muncher is in that trap. That horrid blue Slimer wannabe.
Taking everything in my power to not add a word to the front of that name.

Sara said...

Muncher is the literal worst name.

Rot said...


Adam said...

Spoiler Alert! It’s the Scoleri brothers.

Rot said...

haha. i wouldn't be surprised. they're ripping everything else out of the old films and sticking them in the new one... they might as well.