Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good And Fiery

A coworker brought over some candy. Man, is it good. Sweet and spicy. Sweet lemon, orange, apple, and cinnamon flavors with a hot and zesty finish. I was the only one in the office that liked them.

Image source.

Update: My stomach hurts.


Nev said...

Bahaha!!! I laughed so hard at your update.
It reminds me of Mike & Ikes. Get those?
You would be amazed at the different candy we get here compared to the States. I have a friend who lives in Virginia and we compared pictures of the candy isles in Walmart and 711.

Rot said...

Yep. I really dig mike and ikes.
And my favorite candy as a kid was Good & Fruities. Terrible that they changed the "formula."

These Fiery things. I'm on the fence now. A handful made my stomach burn and hurt. And another scoop tasted like I was eating wax candles...or some kind of air freshener.

Anonymous said...

Mylanta or some Tums will help the burn. Sadly, I'm the type of fool who keeps on eating them; I love spicy things.

Although there's a saying in my family: hot in, hot out. And for that, there is no help...

NoahFentz said...


The Captain said...

Even though you have all but warned me, I'm going to have to find some and try em. I love Good & Fruitie, I even like the new ones, so I have to taste these.

"hot in, hot out" LOL
To true.

Sara said...

holy crap. we stopped to get gas in Arizona on a road trip and I sent in my husband to get some Hot tamales and he came out with a giant box of Hot Tamale FIRE and seriously, it burns. For real. :(