Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Loner

I love the wet log being used to level this big guy. Jack O'lanterns look amazing sitting near natural elements, though for the most part you almost always see them sitting alone on a smooth concrete step or porch. It's only recently that I started to push them further into the bushes around the porch or sprinkle a pile of leaves around their bases, making sure one or two land on the lid. A bundle of sticks tied at the top would look neat resting behind a few pumpkins. If you grow your own or pick your own at a farm, leave the runners on the stems or clip a length of vines and leaves to stuff in-between your pumpkins on Halloween night. I think messy is good when it comes to natural elements. A jack o'lantern whose face is obscured by some vines, sticks, or leaves is an entirely different animal.


NecroBones said...

As soon as I get a house with an actual yard, I plan to grow my own, and leave the runners on. Around here, it's impossible to find them with the runners.

Cabrina said...

We go to a huge pumpkin patch and I always try to get vines either attached or scoop some up to put around my jack display.

You're right....natural elements or making a peek-a-boo jack take it up a notch!

Stephanie D said...

Good point. I'll have to check out farm sites around here.