Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was looking for a neat cider recipe and ended up on a site for Scotia, New York. It featured a 2008 schedule for cider and donuts at the local firehouse. Pretty neat. Then I saw it - a blurb at the bottom of the schedule:

We are asking that all residents celebrate Halloween between the hours of 4 P.M. and 8 P.M. on Friday, October 31st, 2008.We would ask that children complete their "Trick or Treating" and that residents turn off their front porch lights at 8 P.M.

I'd be ruined in that town. Ruined.

Scotia, NY link.

A recipe for hot buttered cider.


Her. said...


Someone needs to slap those "town elders"... 4pm? Seriously? It's not even dark yet! UGH.

Rot said...

Creepy town.
They'd offer me cider, and as I was drinking it, I'd notice that no one else was drinking theirs.

Styrofoam cup hits the floor (no one hears it).

Nev said...

Boo urns. Bingo and solitaire championships at 8pm.

NoahFentz said...

Very funny...I grew up near there. Ever since GE moved out of Schenectady(neighboring town) it pretty much is a ghost town. The family just recently visited my father up there and we had to pass thru it. Very sad.

I always said that if I won a Lottery I would buy a farm and turn it into a haunt. There is nothing up there as far as pro haunts.

ShellHawk said...

Yet another assault on freedom in general and Halloween in particular. I wonder what the town "curfew" normally is?

If I could clone me and the rest of us Halloween geeks, I'd make an assault on this town with a bag for candy (NOT a pillowcase, btw!)and knock on my first door at *gasp* 8:05 p.m. Porch light or no proch light.

That'll learn 'em.

Kimbooly said...

There you go Rot, you can buy a farm there and hold a HUGE haunt.

Maybe after 8pm they have a Children of the Corn thing happening...now that sounds creepy.

Or maybe...you could move there, make a HUGE haunt and we could all show up to 'create' a Children of the Corn thing.

Jon Glassett said...

Pumpkinrot Farm.

Now THERE'S an idea.

Those restricted hours are a bummer. I deal with them up here in NH. So very, very frustrating to live in a community like that, especially when you can't help but suspect it has less to do with public safety and more to do with hand-wringing suburbanites looking to protect property values by eliminating any and all fun.

My stuff stays on until midnight, regardless. If someone shows up after hours they get bonus candy.

Take that, podunk bureaucrats!


Anonymous said...

Pumpkinrot Farm.... I like the sound of that. We could start up our own Field of Screams deal

The Captain said...

"My stuff stays on until midnight, regardless. If someone shows up after hours they get bonus candy."

I'm right out there with you Jon. We don't have a time frame thing, it just gets slow after 9 because its fairly rural where we live. But thats when I start taking all my photos. Halloween isn't over till midnight.

The buttered cider sounds good.

Sara said...

I dunno. I'm torn. I mean, as a mom,I think I'd dig the fact that people would be forced to give out candy early. My kid gets to ToT asap, his bedtime is in tact and I get the night to do my own Halloween thing with the husband once the kid's in bed.

I realize this isn't a very popular opinion. Feel free to ban me, lol.

Rot said...

Banned for life.

; )

SKAustin said...

As a resident of Scotia, NY. and a fellow lover of halloween, I just wanted to say thanks for putting this rediculous rule in the spotlight. It wasn't always like this. I grew up here in Scotia, and as a child/early teen, I used to go out until 11pm on halloween night. Unfortunantly, at least around here, too many parents just dont care what their kids are doing anymore. The teenagers have no discipline, no direction, and no positive outlet (it is even illeagal to ride a skateboard in Scotia). They band up and destroy things for fun. gone are the days of TPing trees, Shaving cream, and smashing pumpkins. now they just destroy or steal anything they can get their hands on. The problem is too large for a small police department to keep a handle on. Several years ago, My haunt was destroyed a few days before Halloween. I gave up on building my haunts after that until last year. Now i'm back into it, but setting things up the day of halloween and taking it back down that night.

The positive note in it all is that younger kids come into Scotia from all over the area to do their Trick-or-Treating. I'd still love to see the curfew extended a bit, but the bottom line is, the kids still have a good time, and my haunt will get a a good amount of exposure.

Thanks for the years of inspiration Rot.


Rot said...

Wow. Thanks so much for that update.