Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home Goods

Some neat finds at HomeGoods this weekend. Picked up another pumpkin, some candy, Halloween hand towels, and a Yankee Pumpkin Patch jar candle. It was great because the Halloween items were spread throughout the store so you had to seek them out.


The Captain said...

WOW! They had a lot of stuff! I need to see if we have "Home Goods" in FL?

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Mandy said...

.....I want to go to your Home Goods store!! Has sooo much more than mine and they didn't look like they were going to put more in. Very good photos by the way :)

The Captain said...

Chicka-bow-wow! We have a Home Goods at this new outdoor mall about 19 miles away from the house.

October, Minnesota said...

Hey Rot,

If you're shopping at Yankee Candle at all, I HIGHLY recommend "Harvest", the newer name for "Autumn Splendor". It's my favorite, even topping "Pumpkin Patch".