Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Halloween Garden

...with growing plants. I could see becoming obsessed with something like this.


Anonymous said...

i could get into that also, but i couldnt find the halloween one

Rot said...

Sorry about that. The images came up in a search, but when I clicked on the site, it seemed they had moved them or removed them.

I probably should have noted that!


Ravenswick said...

I love it! I am not much of a plant person but could definitely get into this.

NecroBones said...

I could totally do something like that too. I have too many other time consuming interests already though! :)

Rot said...

man, I was watching video of your droid.

dude, fantastic!

The Captain said...

You find the most interesting stuff. I always wonder what you type in to the search bar to find the stuff you blog.

The good thing about a tiny Halloween garden is, if you kill the plants it just adds to the spookiness.