Sunday, August 16, 2009

Witch Jars, Corpses, and A Sentinel

Made a couple more Witch Jars and had some fun with them in the workshop.

I'll probably make a bunch more to hang from the branches of the tree on Halloween night.
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The Captain said...

Very nice. No wonder your props turn out so creepy, even your workshop looks kind of creepy. lol
I love the idea of the witch jars swaying in the breeze.

Anonymous said...

these things are so cool. looks good with corpse and sentinel

Sam Kadi said...

Those are really cool and very original. Are you at all concerned about using real fire? Especially with all the nice dry leaves under the tree.

Rot said...

Nah, I have Bean and my brother watching over the haunt for candles burning down or things getting knocked over. So far no accidents are fires. Though I'm always joking about the tree catching fire so I keep a fire extinguisher right inside the front door, just in case.

John Rozum said...

Those look great. As you know I've used jars in my displays. I've always wished they had a more weathered look. Now I know what to do to get it.

Sam, the leaves would really have to be resting in the flame to catch. I've used real fire in my displays for years and never had a problem. The leaves also tend to be damper than you'd think in the Fall.

This year I'm having even more fire.

All Together Dead said...

these are absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to make a batch for our I am kicking myself for not buying up the lot of mason jars at the estate sale last weekend... if only I would have seen this a few days sooner... arrrrgh