Friday, August 7, 2009

Mason Jar Candles

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Anonymous said...

So cheap yet effective

Grim said...

I have a box of 12 Mason jars I bought a couple of years ago that I'll hopefully be making something out of this year. I liked the ones you posted recently that you had made, I'm thinking of making some hanging lanterns out of mine.

Love Manor said...

The perfect way to illuminate all things spooky on Halloween.

Johnny Love

Carrie Mae said...

Comically, I found this post by googling 'witch jars' because I'm in the process of making some for my wedding (inspired by your original project, but I was too lazy to go sorting through your blog); I wanted to reference yours once more to see if you did anything special for the handles.

Wild -- such a perfect yet simple project, and very nice for a Hallowedding.