Saturday, July 19, 2014

Halloween Store Sightings

I don't have a problem finding Halloween stuff in the stores in the middle of July, but it stinks that by the time the cooler weather of late summer/early autumn arrives every bit of Halloween merchandise is long gone.  Not sure when that started to happen.  I feel like when I was a kid we'd see Halloween stuff in all the stores before/during/and after Halloween.

I've been monitoring what stores have what and when by checking forum posts on

Click below (I always check the last page first and work my way back):


Haunted Eve said...

Yes, it's been getting harder and harder as to when to time purchases for Halloween. Very hard when doing a theme based haunt. Saw some props online I would like for perhaps next year and they already say "sold out".

Adam said...

Love seeing stuff out in July, it helps kill the summer blues. But nothing infuriates me more than seeing the Halloween stuff replaced by Christmas stuff in October.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Part of the problem is retailers decide the short Christmas shopping season from the day after Thanksgiving to December 25th was not long enough. A good snowstorm can ruin holiday shopping. So, they started moving Christmas merchandise back in to October to stretch the season. Halloween followed suit and moved back to August. One of the Halloween trade magazines had an article on this topic back in the 90s.

Wheaterz said...

Funny.. and what a coincidence that I read the neat story about the mom w/the autistic boys at Cracker Barrel on
I just stopped today at a CB and just so happened to notice the new Halloween stuff there. I didn't really want to see it because it's too early, but I checked the stuff anyhow! Pretty cool.

ShellHawk said...

I agree with all the comments here so far.
I love seeing bits of Halloween in July, because it forces me to break out of my studio for an hour or two to find the good stuff before it's gone (like the Home Goods Headless Horseman I missed last year!).

Even though I hate seeing Christmas next to Halloween, I DO like the access to the lighting, in case I need it!

Cullan Hudson said...

The only upside is, that if it hasn't totally sold out, some good stuff can be found on clearance BEFORE the holiday, which negates the whole having to buy it after and wait a year to use it. But I agree: I hate seeing Christmas decor up at Halloween.