Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Haunted Mansion

Image by jayembee.


girl6 said...

did you see the chick with the lonnnng stripey scarf dressed as tom baker's doc.
wOw,the tunnel shot with david tennant's doc & the tardis is AWESOME, Love the lighting, soooo Mysterious!

i Loved ALL their photos
they really look like they have a Grand time at Halloween..<333333

Oh & here's some doctor who nonsense, as heard on a podcast per steven moffat (the current producer)
ok..so you really shouldn't refer to any of the doctors by #'s anymore..hahahahahaha.? cause the doctor just introduces himself a the doctor, not with a .# of course ALL of this only came about with the NEW doctor who movie & his existence spanning beyond the original (thought) 12 regenerations Yes, now there are 1/2 doctors, lost doctors, in between doctors..etc etc

i'm sure i made NO sense there. anyways...everyone on the podcast just got really quiet & kinda went huh.
hahahahha..the Drama!!.. i understand tho, i see Both sides.

i do MISS Russell T. Davies (previous producer), a man so FULL of life.

John Hurt was AMAZING as the 8.5 doctor are maybe he is the REAL 9th doctor..who knows : D
GREAT movie!!

Jeano Roid said...

That house is Halloween all year long..