Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Strain

I know nothing of this project.
But the trailer looks really interesting.


Anonymous said...

I've been seeing this trailer for a week now. Could be interesting.

Unknown said...

The series is based on "The Strain" trilogy of books by Del Toro and author Chuck Hogan. They were released in the autumns of 09(The Strain) 10(The Fall) and 11(The Night Eternal). Great books. Very Creepy. Chuck Hogan is a great author also. He penned Prince of Thieves, which was later made into The Town by Ben Affleck.

Rot said...

thanks : )

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, I'm gonna check this out. Can't wait.

Her Strange Kind said...

I read the book, and it is very creepy...brings menace back to a monster that is otherwise played out, in my opinion.

Goneferalinidaho said...

TV? Huh, I thought it would be a trilogy of movies. I read the first two books. The first was great, really creepy crazy vampires, not sparkly at all. I was actually flying to NY when I started reading the book. It also starts with a plane that lands in NY and everyone is dead. They bring the bodies to the Manhattan morgue, then all hell breaks loose. I was there to take a class at the local Medical Examiner's office and spent the week there with their staff at the morgue. Total happenstance, but that book made the trip a fun time. The second book was kind of a letdown.

girl6 said...

Ohhhh,& speaking of Guillermo, he just produced an animated comedy, called "The Book of Life" written and directed by Jorge Gutierrez.
it's FULL of Halloween..<3333333
you should check out the trailer.

& i just swiped a window cling (of the La Calavera "cat" Catrina character) from a movie theatre.
i'm sure i'll burn!.. :(
i would do it again tho.

Rot said...

I once stole a plastic centipede from a rich kid who didn't fully appreciate its importance.

I feel i gave it a much better home.

So not all theft is bad theft : )

girl6 said...

i'm SURE you did give it a better home.
Long Live the importance of being Robin Hood. <3333333

& Thank You for making me feel better!!...hahahahha.. :)

Scott O'Riley said...

Can you say "hack job" on Salems Lot! What a ripoff job!!!